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Millions of tourists visit Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic every year. From basic rooms in towering hotels to beachfront villas, visitors will find an eclectic mix of accommodation options. Descending from canopies on a zip-wire, bouncing around sandy dunes in a dune buggy, and chopping through the waters in a speedboat are just some of the activities on offer in this part of the world. Most are quite happy to visit attractions and take part in activities, but prefer to do so at a more controlled pace. Visitors not staying at such a hotel wont find themselves disadvantaged, as Punta Cana has plenty of public beaches to enjoy also.

All have one thing in common though; they each offer convenient access to Punta Canas favored tourist sports, including its beautiful sandy beaches. For these visitors, Punta Cana still has plenty to enjoy. Those looking to find the perfect gift to take back home with them should head to Punta Cana Village which houses a number of shops, some of which specialize in souvenirs. One of the busiest airports in the region, travelers from North and South America as well as Europe and Russia regular arrive here. Upon arrival, visitors will find that Punta Cana has in the region of ,hotel rooms, with a variety of different hotel types available.

Or build a sandcastle for that matter. The nearby town of Higey is home to the Basilica Catholic Monument, an attraction popular with tourists. The Manat Park is home cheap hotels in jersey to picturesque settings and some of the Dominicans native wildlife. Alternatively, visitors can take a boat trip out to see and swim with dolphins. Visitors making their way to this part of the world will find it to be picturesque and tranquil.

As well as an assortment of attractions, there are a number of activities available for those looking to enjoy an adrenaline rush. One attraction visitors shouldnt miss is Sanoa Island, a beautiful destination which houses lagoons and caves which prove popular with those looking to scuba dive or snorkel, including beginners. Golf is wildly popular with those staying in Punta Cana, and with championship courses to choose from, its not hard to see why. Visitors will find that some of the picturesque beaches in the region are owned and operated by resort hotels exclusively for their guests. Those in search of peace and tranquility will first need to pass through Punta Cana International Airport, one of the Caribbeans busiest airports. They can stroll along the beach as the aquamarine waters lap against their feet.